Xaba on a mission at SPAR Grand Prix

When Glenrose Xaba runs in the fourth SPAR Grand Prix race at the Irene Agricultural Research Farm on Friday, she will have more than race tactics on her mind.


The 26-year old Boxer runner is running the 10km race for her coach, the great Caster Semenya, and Semenya’s charity foundation.


One of the aims of the Caster Semenya Foundation is to keep girls from impoverished areas in school by providing them with sanitary products for use during their periods. SPAR have committed to donating 600 packs of pads to the Foundation for every kilometre Xaba runs on Friday. This means that the Foundation will receive a total of 6 000 packs.


“Caster has been an inspiration to me and many other athletes and I am so proud to be able to do something for her,” said Xaba.


“She is passionate about making sure that girls from poor areas can stay at school so that they can improve their position in life. I am very happy to contribute to her campaign.”


Caster Semenya said that she had agreed to coach Glenrose free of charge so long as Glenrose gave full commitment and dedication to Semenya and her coaching. “I believe in Glenrose, and I decided to take Glenrose under my wing and coach her to full potential. My partner Violet is Glenrose’ long standing mentor and with me coaching Glenrose we have a good support structure around Glenrose who we believe has the potential to be a star Olympian.”



“When Glenrose announced her initiative to run the Tshwane SPAR Grand Prix for me and my foundation I saw it as her promise to me that because I am not charging her for coaching, she can when able to, contribute to my Foundation and this donation of much needed sanitary pads is greatly appreciated. I am humbled by her gesture.”

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